This weekend was very busy for us. A long-announced patch was released today within v1.2.1 of Mixeway which contains a plugin for Burp Enterprise Edition.

Complete release note:

  • Integration with Burp Enterprise edition
  • WebApplication objects do have RoutingDomain link. It is necessary to configure if You would create smart routing between multiple web application scanners (based on routing domain)
  • Web Application scan strategy which can help to set up which scanner will execute scans from GUI, API, and Scheduler
  • New dashboard for statistics related with OpenSource vulnerabilities within defined projects
  • Frontend application updated to Angular 9
  • Frontend application updated to nix-admin 5
  • Fixed problem with long time of loading of each object with risk calculated

Next in the queue of DAST scanners is StackHawk. You can find more info about StackHawk scanner here-


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