Did You ever had a problem automating some operations on Greenbone OpenVAS (https://www.openvas.org)? Although it offers TCP API it is really hard to use specially if You would like to download large report.

That is why we have decided to create our own implementation of REST API for OpenVAS, and more – we have decided to share it with You as an Open Software under the assumption that all Mixeway solutions will be open to all.

There are also some disadvantages. Proposed solution is another component You have to carry about. It is stand-alone application which has to be run on the same machine OpenVAS is running.

OpenVAS REST API allows to:

  • Create targets
  • Create Tasks
  • Start scan for created task
  • Check a status for a running scan
  • Download vulnerabilities

More informations and instructions are provided on GitHub: https://github.com/Mixeway/MixewayOpenVASRestAPI

If You are interested in services such as support for this component or whole Mixeway package (maintenance, online fixing problems or priority change requests) please contact us via https://mixeway.io/support-contact-form/



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